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Your reservation will be invoiced. Reservation is active only after payment of the pre-order invoice. Motorcycles will be delivered in the order of reservations. Before delivery a reservation holder must complete full payment of the total sum. The reservation sum will be deducted from the full sum of the order.

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We are estimating to begin bike manufacturing on a smaller scale during fall 2019. After that we start delivering motorcycles to customers. A large-scale manufacturing will begin after the EU type approval is granted.

The first bikes are sold at a fixed price, pre-registered in Finland. If you wish, you can reserve a motorcycle with a prepayment of EUR 2000. Motorcycles are delivered in the reservation order.

At the beginning of deliveries, you will receive an e-mail with a more accurate delivery time and instructions on how to pay the final balance. Your prepayment is deducted from the total price of the bike.

We reserve the right to make any changes.


1. After having filled the advance order form to order an electrically operating motorbike manufactured by RMK Vehicle Corporation Oy you undertake to order said motorbike.

2. After having filled the advance notice you will receive a 2,000 (two thousand) euro invoice for the booking fee. In order to validate the advance order you must pay the invoice by due date.

3. Once you have received a notice of the final delivery time you shall, within 1 (one) month, inform the manufacturer whether

a) you finance the ordered motorbike yourself in which case you will receive an invoice; the invoice shall be paid by the due date;

b) you will enter into a financing agreement with Svea in which case you will receive documents for the financing arrangement;

c) you wish to cancel the order in which case the booking fee will be returned to you within 1 (one) month from the day the manufacturer received your notice of cancellation.

Provided that the invoice is paid by due date we shall begin manufacturing the motorbike for you.

4. These terms and conditions and related sales contracts shall be governed by Finnish law. Any dispute shall be settled by the District Court of Southern Ostrobothnia.

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